Offer the most beautiful experience

To help you reward your operators, beyond a simple company gift, we uncover the latest new products that they covet for you. It’s easy, we are constantly looking for the latest trends and innovative ideas.

Find THE reward which will delight your targets and will inject new positive and motivating energy. The one that will provoke the emotion and boost your business performance!

Our exhaustive offers organized around 4 main topics

The object, for a long lasting bond :
quality, customization, pleasure
An exclusive selection across a wide-range of categories: High-Tech, deco, hobbies, fashion and beauty, professional materials, DIY…
The experience for something unique :
emotion, memories, discovery
Thousands of available possibilities: cooking lesson, made-on-measure travel, professional training, coaching, personal shopper…
The dematerialized Voucher :
digital, unlimited, international
In partnership with Amazon incentives: traceable "digital passes", cumulative 10 years, delivery in more than 30 countries but also gift vouchers.
Professional shop for your projects :
company areas, employee facilities
Equipment products to support the professionalization of our customers BtoB and fit out their premises.


Des sélections attractives et adaptées à tous les goûts
Des sélections attractives et adaptées à tous les goûts
  • A reward store, M Store, regularly updated and customizable

  • More than 3 500 products selected by a reward expert team

  • Partnerships with more than 450 big brands

  • High-end concierge service

  • Logistics and supply of rewards

  • Customer relations centre

Our partners

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We select exclusive brands for you, to offer you a catalogue which will generate among your members.

Our inspirations
with our magazine : Transat

our other solutions !

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