MUSE is, above all, a team of passionate people
who work every day to provide your partners, sales force and customers
with a unique and motivating experience.

Convinced that emotion stimulates performance, we offer
an original range of effective reward solutions,
inspired by your wishes.

We engage both you and your target groups in a positive and stimulating dynamic.

13 years of experience 13 years of experience 13 years of experience
30 Reward experts 30 Reward experts 30 Reward experts
55 clients 55 clients 55 clients
450 partner brands 450 partner brands 450 partner brands
350,000 gifts delivered in 2016 350,000 gifts delivered in 2016 350,000 gifts delivered in 2016

5 reasons to be inspired by Muse

  • An exclusive reward offer,, made up of a selection
    of attractive and regularly renewed innovative products.
  • A cutting-edge technology foundation to deliver original, accessible
    and efficient digital solutions.
  • A state of the art consulting experience
  • Outstanding operational management across the entire reward value chain.
  • Affiliation to a marketing group,, Loyalty Company, providing financial strength
    and enabling strategic synergies

An inspired and motivated team

As motivation specialists, we attach a great deal of importance to the motivation of our teams.
We work every day to engage in a unique and motivating adventure
in order to provide the very best of experiences..

Meet us

Customer service

As every interaction has an influence on the overall experience, we work to establish a real climate of confidence with each of the membermembers. Listening, proximity, consulting and customisation are essential to the development of a long-term relationship and to ensure an outstanding quality of service.

Hanan, Customer Service Manager


The customer service supports
all member your members throughout
the process (order tracking, administrative
management, quality monitoring, concierge service…).

Gestion et pilotage projets

At Muse, we support you throughout your project by delivering an outstanding experience across the entire reward value chain.

Stéphane Dosdoghrouyan, Account manager

Gestion et
pilotage projets

The account management function ensures
the implementation and operational
follow-up of your projects to ensure
they are on-scope, on budget and on time.


We make every effort to inspire the positive and stimulating energy that will engage all of your targets!

Stéphanie Noyers, Managing Director


Management consulting provides daily
support in designing your motivation
and loyalty programmes and indelivering
a unique and personalised service.

Sourcing and Purchasing

Passionate about goods, décor and travel, we have made it our business to provide advice and reward ideas to thousands of professionals every day. Observation and analysis of trends, product referencing, evaluation and supplier monitoring… we are committed to making your reward investment a lever of performance.

Alicia Chenu, Purchasing Manager

Sourcing and Purchasing

The purchasing department supports you
by identifying exclusive and innovative
reward solutions, adapted to your
targets and budget.

Supply  and logistics

From supplier order registration through to after-sales service, we ensure that a genuine coherence exists between service delivery and the experience we wish to offer to our clients and the members of their programme member.

Aline Robert, Procurement and Logistics Manager

and logistics

The procurement and logistics department controls
the entire supply chain, ensuring the management
and follow-up of your rewards
from start to finish.

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